Just A Trade A Day

One of my favorite trading books is Michael Jardine’s “Just A Trade A Day”. While I do not use the exact techniques in this book, I think it provides a good foundation and if you can find that one good trade – you really just need a trade a day.

Today was one of those days.

Globex was down, down down. CPI news took the market down even further. However, if you were patient, at 10:18 A.M. EST, the market presented a perfect long entry. Risk 6.25 points and book 118.50 points.

1 – HOLP
The High of the Low Period is our first sign that there is an imminent change in market structure (green circle).

2 – 55 Period Zero Lag TMA (https://traders.com/documentation/feedbk_docs/2008/05/TradersTips/TradersTips.html). Second sign that a change is coming.

3. JDT MCAD/Bollinger Bands
When price exits the bollinger bands oscillator (hidden) – enter on the candle close.

When all three of the above happen in a 3 bar (or less) sequence we have an A+ setup. Enter with 2 contracts (or multiples of 2) with a 6.25 SL. Let it ride and let the ATR stop exit you from the trade. In this case it was an 118.5 point ride.

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