Asian Session

I have tweeked the Keltner settings to 45 periods. The reasoning is that it clearly shows price exiting and moving away from the channel during a strong trend move.

Based on experience, I know that the more reliable trade is the pullback-continuation. In the case of this system, (1) wait for price to exit the Keltner Channel, then (2) wait for price action to pull back into the channel –> (3) enter on a break of the previous swing low ( in this example).

I was not at my desk for the first setup but was able to catch the second one.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

4 responses to “Asian Session”

  1. John Avatar

    Hi Matador,

    Is it possible to recreate this chart in Ninja? Enjoy your posts on the blog and twitter

    1. TheMatador Avatar

      I have not touched ninja trader in quite a while. It chocked on me one times too many and I walked away and never looked back.

      So to answer your question – I am sure if you put in the time you could recreate this template, its just I do not know how.

  2. BSuter Avatar

    Hi, it doesn’t look like ADXMA is on here – are you still using it as part of this system? TYVM

    1. TheMatador Avatar

      In my humble opinion you should absolutely use the ADXMA – it will keep you out of trades during choppy sessions. I removed it and I paid the price!

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